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Who would benefit from a Corrigo chair?

Transforming the way you work.  Corrigo Office chairs for bad backs are recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths

Corrigo chairs are specifically designed to transform the way you work, preventing and helping to improve back problems. From general postural pain to the most chronic back conditions, Corrigo chairs will help by maximising support and improving posture. With a Corrigo chair you can start living again.

  • 1. Why choose a Corrigo chair?

    At Corrigo we are passionate about posture and ergonomics. We are dedicated to providing ergonomic chairs and back support products that improve your posture and well-being. Our wealth of knowledge and physio-based research has enabled us to develop ergonomically designed back-care solutions to give you the opportunity to work pain-free and get on with life.

    All of our office chairs can be adjusted to suit you, and each range is designed with specific back problems in mind. We can offer chairs to help with RSI, slipped or bulging discs, frozen shoulder, post back surgery, sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Our chairs are designed with the individual in mind and will help any back condition from general postural pain to the most chronic back problems.

  • 2. Who benefits from a Corrigo Chair?

    Anyone sitting at a desk will benefit from a Corrigo chair. Our ergonomic office chairs are designed with back problems and optimum posture in mind so if you are experiencing back pain, one of our chairs will help.

    Even those without back problems will benefit from a Corrigo chair. Our chairs are ergonomically designed and will help prevent the common back problems associated with sitting for prolonged periods. You’ll benefit from a Corrigo chair immediately if you:

    • Spend long hours working at a computer.
    • Experience any type of back pain.
    • Have any postural issues.
    • Suffer a back problem, which isn’t resolving.
    • Feel your current chair is uncomfortable.
    • Experience back pain when sitting at your desk.
  • 3. What the experts say about Corrigo chairs

    Corrigo ergonomic chairs are recommended by many physiotherapists and osteopaths. The special adaptable features of Corrigo chairs enable optimum support and comfort for anyone suffering from back pain. The specially designed features include:

    • A superior adjustable lumbar support preventing rounding of the lumbar spine, relieving lower back tension.
    • A slim-line upper back rest supporting the upper spine whilst maintaining the shoulders in a neutral position and allowing freedom of movement, to relieve upper back tension.
    • Arm rests that are specifically positioned to support the arms, whilst enabling the chair close proximity to the desk so you can support your arms in line with the desk, at a height and position to best suit you, relieving neck and shoulder tension.
    • A multi-directional headrest offering optimum support and positioning to maintain the cervical spine in a neutral position.
  • 4. How your existing office chair may be contributing to back pain

    Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods can cause or aggravate back pain. The natural tendency for most people is to slouch over or slouch down in their chair. This results in poor posture and subsequent back problems.

    Poor posture and static seating positions are often the cause of back pain and at the very least contribute to a worsening of back conditions. If your chair isn’t adjustable and hasn’t been set up specifically for you, then it could be your seat that is contributing to your back pain.

    If you are currently undergoing treatment, STOP undoing all the progress you are making as soon as you sit back at your desk.

  • 5. Is a Corrigo chair right for you?

    Yes is the answer. A Corrigo chair will bring immediate relief to anyone with a back problem. We urge prevention too, so even if you don’t currently suffer from back problems, but spend long hours sitting at your desk, a Corrigo chair will definitely stop a niggle turning into a pain. Here’s why a Corrigo ergonomic office chair is the right choice for you:

    • Corrigo chairs are proven to help everything from general postural pain to the most complex or chronic back conditions
    • Corrigo chairs are recommended by top physiotherapists and osteopaths
    • Corrigo chairs are highly adjustable and made to provide the perfect fit for your body, maximising support and pain relief, as well as freedom of movement
    • We offer a 14 day trial period so you can test it in your own home or office
    • We provide expert ergonomic advice, not only on the chair set up but your whole workstation

Contact us

If you have a back problem, call us now on 020 3475 4510 and speak with one of our expert team. Alternatively, please email us We’ll answer all of your questions and explain everything you need to know about Corrigo chairs and back supports. Let back pain be a thing of the past with our office chairs for back problems.

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