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In a short term world of quick-fixes and temporary measures, we’re different. Why? Because we build our business world around dedication.

Why dedication?  Well, to us that means we’re in it for the long haul.

Where others may seek to temporarily alleviate or comply with minimum ergonomic standards we look to help prevent or find inventive ways to build effective back care furniture solutions designed to manage, and ultimately, cure your problem, exceed your expectations and give you the opportunity to get on with your life.

We know that when you feel good, you work well and enjoy a life free of pain.   From those little niggles right through to a diagnosed medical back and posture related condition, back-pain, if not corrected, can have a very real effect on every part of your life, we all know that.  Our know-how and expertise in workplace ergonomics means that we know what it takes to help improve your posture and to get you back to feeling well and enjoying life again.    Did you know that good posture not only keeps your back healthy, it has also been proven to increase self-esteem, awareness, better mood and lower fear, enhancing your productivity and well-being too.  We are genuinely dedicated to help increase everyone’s well-being.

Dedication means that we use a wealth of technology and physio-based research and insight to understand your unique problems and  find solutions that have real long-term results.  It also means one size doesn’t fit all.  When it comes to back-pain, millimetres count, so we dedicate ourselves to providing bespoke and tailored solutions with your specific problems in mind in your workplace.

Back-pain is a universal problem affecting all ages and lifestyles – so surely a specialist back care solution should fit with you and your lifestyle, rather than make you feel like an institutional necessity feeling guilty about bothering experts about your problem.   Our range is constantly evolving to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle in the modern world whether at home or in the office.

We’re Corrigo Design, the specialist back care equipment suppliers and consultancy, experts in creating high-performance, ergonomically designed back-care solutions – and importantly we’re dedicated to your long-term health, happiness and well-being – that’s the Corrigo Design way!

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