Finding The Right Corrigo For You

Which Model Is Right For You

Comparison Of Benefits Of The Different Models

Sizing Guide

To Find the Right Corrigo for You:

1. If you have a particular back condition check our Back conditions list which will guide you to the right chair model for you.  This includes chair advise for RSI, Slipped or bulging discs, frozen shoulder, post back surgery, sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Or Click ‘Which Model is Right for You’ link above (in green).

2.  If you would like to prevent or reduce general postural pain, see our chair model guide to choose the right model for you. Click ‘Comparison of Chair Models’ link above.

3.  Once you have chosen your model and any extras, go to our Shop section to buy your chair. For sizing advice, click ‘Sizing Guide’ link above.

4.  Select the fabric and colour you would like your chair in.

If you have any questions, our experts are on hand to help, contact us at or 0203 475 4510.

All of our chairs include a 14 day trial period and free expert fitting to ensure you can maximise the benefit of your chosen chair.