Why Corrigo

  • Do you work long hours at the computer?
  • Have you been experiencing back pain?
  • Have you been told to watch your posture but not sure how to do this?
  • Have you been trying to resolve your back pain for a long period of time, but not succeeding?
  • Do you feel your current chair isn’t providing your back with the support it needs?
  • Do you get pain from sitting at your desk working?

Backpain desk large image

Then you would benefit from Corrigo products

  • Our chairs and back supports are
    • Proven to help everything from general postural pain to the most complex or chronic back conditions.
    • Recommended by top physiotherapists and osteopaths.
    • Highly adjustable and made to provide the perfect fit for your body, maximising pressure and pain relief, as well as freedom of movement.
  • Corrigo
    • Have over 10 years of experience in advising on solutions for even the most complex or chronic back conditions and know what will work for you.  We can even make bespoke solutions just for you.
    • Offer a 14 day trial period on our chairs, and 7 days on our back support cushions, so you can test it in your own office or home office
    • Provide expert ergonomic advice, not only on the chair set up but your whole workstation
  • Often people have tried up to 6 other chairs before finding the right solution with Corrigo – don’t waste your time trying other chairs and back support cushions