Chair For Neck & Shoulder Pain

Pain Description:  Pain in the neck, shoulder and arms

Aim:  To remove pressure on the upper spine, shoulder and neck, by supporting the whole of the back, as well as removing the pressure caused by unsupported arms and bad posture.

Recommended Chair Model:  All of our chair models reduce tension build up in the upper back and neck with highly adjustable armrests and optional headrests that can be set at your own perfect neck position (neither too far forward or too far back).

Benefit:  All models include specially positioned armrests that allow the arms to be supported, relaxed by your side whilst still allowing access to the desk. Most armrests are too far forward, meaning that you have to lower the arms under the desk in order to reach the keyboard. To reduce the symptoms and pain of frozen shoulder you need to have your arms gently supported in line with the desk so your wrists and hands are relaxed when typing and the weight of your arms is removed from your shoulders, preventing tension build up. No more leaning on the desk for support, which encourages slouching and causes pressure on your spine, as well as tension build up in the neck and shoulders.

All models include height and depth adjustable armrests as standard. With 2-3 size options to ensure the seat is the right width and depth for your body.

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Why not let a Corrigo chair give your neck and shoulders a new lease of life?

Quality & Guarantee

Made in Britain

All of Corrigo products are designed and manufactured in Britain using traditional high quality upholstering methods.


Each chair is made to order, enabling us to ensure the product is right for you.

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Our chairs include a five year guarantee, for standard office chair use.

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Made in the UK, we are easily able to replace parts should the situation arise. We offer a 14 day trial period on our chairs.

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