Our Best Chair For Sciatica Nerve Problems


Pain Description:  Pain generating from the lower back and hips to the lower body.

Aim:  To take the pressure off your lower spine, hips and legs, and to keep the body supported in a healthy upright S-position (which is the natural curve of our spine).  This minimises and prevents pain and tension from building up in your back, and can help to relieve sciatica symptoms.  The designer of the chair suffered from repeated bouts of sciatica herself, which prompted her to create these chairs specifically to help resolve pain issues.

Recommended Chair Model:  All of our specialist chairs, the Libero, Diffusion and Homworker chairs.  These are our most adjustable chairs and can be set in the perfect position for you to help relieve specific back issues you might be experiencing.  Bespoke options are also available in these chair ranges, including an inflatable seat cushion, if you need extra support.

At Corrigo we offer a range of ergonomic chairs designed to deal with specific back problems. Our Libero, Diffusion and Homeworker chairs are perfect for anyone suffering from sciatica nerve problems, or for anyone with hip problems, including those who have had a hip replacement.


We set out to make chairs that really help people suffering with back pain. Our products deliver the perfect level of support and comfort, while also being stylish. It’s why we’ve designed chairs to be highly adjustable and incredibly supportive. You’ve probably already noticed, but our team are passionate about posture and back health. All of our chairs have been designed by Nichola Adams, (MSc Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF), following years of research and collaboration with physiotherapists. We wanted to make chairs that not only help people to resolve back pain, but also help to prevent problems from developing.  Nichola suffered back issues in the past and was therefore personally able to ensure the chairs really did what they are designed to do!

In addition to offering well-designed products, we also have an expert team on hand to make sure you make all the right choices when you are buying your office chair. If you want a chair for sciatica that will give you the right support, boost your recovery time, and help to prevent symptoms returning, Corrigo have the right chair for you.

For FREE EXPERT advice or assistance, to help you find your perfect chair, contact us by filling in our contact form, or email us on [email protected]  or call us on 0203 475 4510,  or use our chat box. Showroom by appointment only, in Paddingon.

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The Libero or Rituwell Star specialist chair is suitable for anyone suffering with lower back pain, but particularly if your pain radiates from the back and/or hips into the legs. Sciatic pain tends to radiate from the lower back into the buttocks, and it can often also be felt down the back of the legs, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Our chairs have been designed to specifically help with this type of condition.


You’ve probably already been advised by your health practitioner not to sit down for long periods.

For healthy posture, Corrigo endorse this view too. However, there is often a need (usually due to work) to sit at a desk for several hours each day, which can make your symptoms worse. We’ve made chairs to help you sit in the optimal position that delivers the best support and the utmost comfort, to enable your back to be supported in the best possible way.

Our specialist chairs are designed to take pressure off the lower back, the hips and the legs, and to keep the body in a healthy upright S-position (the natural curve of your spine). All our chairs not only promote good posture, but they also help to reduce pain, and avert tension build up to prevent further issues.

Many chairs lack the adjustability required to offer the best back support. These chairs offers extensive adjustability to ensure maximum support. Every person is different and we’ve designed our chairs to recognise that and adapt accordingly. It’s why these ergonomic office chairs have a far higher level of adjustability than most other similar style chairs on the market.

The key areas of support required for those suffering with sciatica nerve problems are the lumbar back, the upper back and the arms. Our chairs are designed specifically to give you the best support in all of these areas, which are known to be problematic for those experiencing sciatic nerve problems.


  • We make chairs that are highly adjustable so that every chair can be set up to suit the individual who will be using it. The angle of your sitting posture is vital in supporting a healthy, pain-free back.-
  • The high level of adjustability makes the chairs perfect for sciatic nerve problems. You can adjust the backrest and seat angle to suit you, which will maximise your recovery and prevent discomfort after long periods of sitting.
  • Because of your sciatic or hip pain, you are more than likely holding tension in other areas of your back. It’s how our body compensates. Our specialist ergonomic chairs can be fine-tuned to your exact postural needs and provide the support you need exactly where you need it. They reduce the build up of tension which is crucial to your recovery.
  • The slim backrest allows freedom of movement, while still supporting your upper back, but it allows your chest to open and helps to prevent slouching and tension build up in your back and hips.
  • The inflatable, height adjustable lumbar support is integrated into the backrest and can be adjusted to support the base of your spine in a position of optimum comfort and support for you.
  • The chairs extra cushioned seat supports the whole of your thighs without restricting blood supply. Importantly, the seat length is totally adjustable to suit your leg length. Correct seat length is imperative for a correct seating position in order to maximise the back support offered by the chair.
  • The adjustable angle of the backrest enables you to find a seated position that relieves pressure on your hips.


Do all of your chairs come in a standard size?

No. Not only are our chairs individually adjustable, but we appreciate that a standard-sized chair won’t always be suitable for everyone. All of our chairs come in 4 different sizes so you can find the perfect one for you. Just let us know your weight and your height so we can advise you on the right chair size for your needs.

How easy is it to adjust the chair to my specific requirements?

Easy. All of our chairs come with fitting instructions and we also have a useful video guide on our website too. One of our expert advisers can always talk you through the fitting instructions if you need any extra help. Alternatively, we can arrange a visit to set up your chair as well as review your whole workstation set up.

Do I need to continue using the chair once my sciatic nerve problems have resolved?

Our chairs won’t just help to relieve your sciatica symptoms, they will help to prevent them returning in the future. We’d recommend you use our specialist ergonomic chairs for life to prevent back or hip issues from developing!

What if I buy one of your chairs, but I don’t like it?

Naturally, we want you to be completely happy with your Corrigo chair. That’s why we offer a 14-day, no quibble money-back guarantee. Try one of our chairs for up to 14 days and if you really don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back. We’ve not had any complaints yet!

Are your chairs under guarantee?

All of our chairs are made to order in the UK. We use traditional, high quality manufacturing methods to ensure all of our chairs are made to an exceptionally high standard. That’s why we offer a 5-year guarantee for standard office chair use, for confidence in your purchase.

Do your chairs come in different fabrics?

Yes. We not only want our chairs to provide you with the best back support – we want them to look fabulous too. You can choose from a range of fabrics, including our standard breathable wool/nylon mix (80% wool, 20% nylon), felt wool, or leather. There is an additional charge for our felt wool and leather fabric options.

For FREE EXPERT advice or assistance, to help you find your perfect chair, contact us by filling in our contact form, or email us on [email protected]  or call us on 0203 475 4510,  or use our chat box. Showroom by appointment only, in Paddingon.

Or at one of our distributor showrooms:

Flo: Norfolk
Back in Action: (Homeworker Only) Bristol, Amersham, Marylebone London, Marlow

Also available online at:

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Quality & Guarantee

Made in Britain

All of Corrigo products are designed and manufactured in Britain using traditional high quality upholstering methods.


Each chair is made to order, enabling us to ensure the product is right for you.

5 year guarantee

Our chairs include a five year guarantee, for standard office chair use.

14 day trial

Made in the UK, we are easily able to replace parts should the situation arise. We offer a 14 day trial period on our chairs.

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