Chair For Scoliosis Or Curvature Of The Spine

Pain Description: A curvature of the spine diagnosed by the doctor, physiotherapist or osteopath.

Aim:  To take pressure off the whole spine by keeping the body supported in a healthy upright S-position, reducing and preventing pain and tension build up.  This helps to keep the muscles balanced.

Recommended Chair Model:  The Libero specialist chair.

Benefit:  Getting the angle of your sitting posture correct is key to preventing pain or postural problems. The Libero has a high level of adjustability which allows you to set the backrest and seat angle to your needs to maximise your recovery. By providing support that can be fine-tuned to your exact postural needs, the tension build-up is reduced which minimises pain for long-term relief.

The slim design of the Libero backrest is specifically designed to cradle the back in exactly the right place for your own spine. The slim shape not only provides lower back support but also support between the shoulder blades, encouraging an upright, open-chested posture while also allowing freedom of movement. The backrest can either be locked into your perfect sitting angle or left on a free float, with the tension adjusted to your weight, to allow micro movements through the day.

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