Top Five features you need in an ergonomic chair

We appreciate that choosing the right ergonomic chair for you is extremely complicated.   There is endless advice on the internet and all sorts of claims by different chair companies.  This is why we end up replacing so many office chairs for our clients, even high-end £1000+ plus chairs that have proved unsupportive and contributed […]

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Active Working – the Sit Stand debate

Does sitting really kill? How do you incorporate more movement into your working day? There has been endless publicity about ‘Sitting Kills’.  This is largely promoted by a number of sit stand desk providers, and the debate continues as to whether sitting is so bad for our health. However, there can be no argument that […]

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Comfort Wherever You Go

NEW INNOVATIVE LUMBAR SUPPORT CUSHIONS So you can take the benefits of the support our ergonomic chairs provide with you anywhere you go, we developed our innovative back cushions that adjust to fit your own back shape but are lightweight and easily transportable. They are perfect for: Lower back support in cars Travel back support […]

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Preventing back pain in children and teenagers

I was recently fitting a chair for a client who blames his university days for the start of his back pain. There a number of risk factors why that might be. Risk factors for back pain in children and teenagers  The sheer number of hours spent sitting studying, with the increasing majority of this time […]

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What are you doing to resolve your back pain?

What are you doing to resolve your back pain? So many of our clients report that they have been struggling to resolve their back pain and have been suffering for many years before they find us.  As back pain is multi causal it takes a multi faceted approach to resolve it and the cause can […]

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Do I need armrests on my chair – addressing the myth

Do I need armrests on my chair? The most common question we receive during consultations is whether armrests are recommended on chairs. For many years, physiotherapists and ergonomists would recommend removing armrests on office chairs. This was because the majority of office chairs are designed with armrests that are either non-adjustable or placed too far […]

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Slipped or Bulging Disc

BULGING OR SLIPPED DISC? TOP TIPS FOR TREATMENT Due to the nature of my work, I see a lot of people who suffer from slipped or bulging discs. After seeing a client yesterday, who had just returned to work after two months recovery from bulging disc, I felt it was important to write this article for […]

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Correct Posture

You Can Do More Than You Think

Two months into the year and again we have seen an increase in requests for help with back pain. This is not an unusual trend for this time of year as both companies and individuals look to continue with good practices but need some expert advice. So I have created a new poster summarising how […]

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Avoid The Laptop Slouch

Avoid the Laptop Slouch

Do you sit for more than an hour or so a day at your laptop?  Did you know that using a laptop, as it is, just encourages a slouch?  Over time this will really not be good for your back.  Are you at your laptop now – if so, are your arms stretched out and your […]

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