Slipped or Bulging Disc

BULGING OR SLIPPED DISC? TOP TIPS FOR TREATMENT Due to the nature of my work, I see a lot of people who suffer from slipped or bulging discs. After seeing a client yesterday, who had just returned to work after two months recovery from bulging disc, I felt it was important to write this article for […]

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Correct Posture

You Can Do More Than You Think

Two months into the year and again we have seen an increase in requests for help with back pain. This is not an unusual trend for this time of year as both companies and individuals look to continue with good practices but need some expert advice. So I have created a new poster summarising how […]

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Avoid The Laptop Slouch

Avoid the Laptop Slouch

Do you sit for more than an hour or so a day at your laptop?  Did you know that using a laptop, as it is, just encourages a slouch?  Over time this will really not be good for your back.  Are you at your laptop now – if so, are your arms stretched out and your […]

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Travel Back Support Cushion

Finally a back support that works

As I was getting frustrated with the functionality and benefits of the back supports available on the market, I decided enough was enough and that my team and I should develop our own.  After 3 years of research and testing we are delighted to announce that we now offer our own back support ready for […]

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Back Pain Leaflet

For tips on how to set up your workstation to maximise recovery from back pain, please click here. If you have any questions, do contact us for a free consultation at

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How to Resolve Back Pain

Back pain is multi- causal and often the result of accumulated pressure and tension build up on our spines over many years.   Our new infographic shows you how to resolve your back pain through a multi-faceted approach and is a system we always recommend to our clients in order to get long term relief […]

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One to One Consultation On Back Pain Chairs

Ugh! My teacher was right… (inadvertently?)

When we are at school, we are told to stand or sit up straight, but seldom informed of its importance for our long term health, or how to adapt this into our working lives. It is only when you experience back pain that you start to pay attention to the protective effects of good posture […]

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Advantages of Working From Home

National Work From Home Day – 20th May

  National work from home day is on 20th May. With another train strike recently and the finding that trains, when they are running properly, are so over-packed that they exceed the conditions required to transport cattle, home working seems a very attractive option! Indeed, many surveys find that workers would like to be able […]

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Ergonomic Chairs

How to sit correctly at your desk

On a visit today, I was reminded of the power of making simple adjustments to your workstation set up.   All too often we just sit on the chair we are provided with at work, without taking a moment to check that it is adjusted to suit our own ideal working posture.   So take […]

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