sitting studying

Can Good Ergonomics Help Learning?

Focusing on proper ergonomics when you are studying means you will improve your physical comfort, aligned and decreasing discomfort and pain. Evidence of the impact of not doing this has shown in our ever younger clients needing our advise, struggling with back pain, when only just starting in the workplace.

Creating a proper study space which is comfortable can also reduce overall stress and help you stay focused, which could help increase your engagement and productivity. It is never too early to learn how to reduce your long term risk.

Over the course of the pandemic we have seen more learning conducted online, which has impacted on both teachers and pupils in terms of how they learn and the environment they learn in, my own teenagers included!

If you would like advice for a student about to head off to University or for your teaching staff on how to improve ergonomics for good learning please get in touch. Or check out our homeworking chairs, perfect for those studying or working from home. Available in 2 different sizes and a multitude of colours.