Comfort Wherever You Go


So you can take the benefits of the support our ergonomic chairs provide with you anywhere you go, we developed our innovative back cushions that adjust to fit your own back shape but are lightweight and easily transportable.

They are perfect for:

  1. Lower back support in cars
  2. Travel back support for long journeys, including trains and planes
  3. Extra back support for dining chairs and office chairs, so whether you are home working from your kitchen table or from the office, you can get a quick and easy solution that will work.
  4. Lower back support for those slouchy sofas and armchairs so you can relax in comfort
  5. Extra cushioned back support for everything from wheelchairs to orchestra seats

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Examples of Corrigo Back Supports in Action

Lower back support cushion providing relief from back pain on the train.
Extra comfort and relief from back pain at your home desk
Travel Back Support Cushion, use on your sofa or armchair
Back Support Cushion In Car
Car back support cushion with both lower and upper back inflatable support for full back pain relief
Full back support cushion on Dining chair