Finally A Back Support That Works

As I was getting frustrated with the functionality and benefits of the back supports available on the market, I decided enough was enough and that my team and I should develop our own. After 3 years of research and testing we are delighted to announce that we now offer our own back support ready for purchase and shipment.

Offering uniquely adjustable support, in either leather or fabric, they are available in two sizes, either full back support, or lumbar support only. Combining new technology with beautiful hand crafted design, made here in the UK, they are both highly effective and luxurious. They are designed to actually provide support in all the right places (Including lumbar support), instead of all the wrong ones! We have already had wonderful feedback from early customer trials and beta testers, from uses comprising of car journeys, travelling on planes, and perfect for using in the home office, adapting dining chairs to be more ergonomic.

For more information see our online BROCHURE, and if you would like to go ahead and secure your own back support cushions for chairs from our first limited edition production, please go to following SHOP NOW link whilst stock is still available.