Giving More Comfort For Wheelchair Users


Corrigo back support cushion on Mobility scooter


I had the pleasure of meeting some inspirational individuals at the Classic and Sports car show, who were making use of the mobility scooters available.   Hearing their stories around their wheelchair use, from neurological disorders to recovery from spinal fusion surgery, it highlighted the extremely varied reasons for needing wheelchairs and mobility scooters, from temporary to long term.

Having recently been helping a truly wonderful lady who is wheelchair bound after suffering 2 strokes, it has become clear how uncomfortable these wheelchairs can be.   Furthermore, maintaining an upright posture when seated, not only reduces the strain on the back, but facilitates eye contact and therefore ease of conversing with others.

So I am pleased to report that the back support cushions for chairs are suitable for both mobility scooters and wheelchairs, after trials of small back support cushion in the scooter and the large back support cushion in the wheelchair.  Furthermore, the cushions can then be used anywhere else in the home, car or office.