How To Stop The Cycle Of Back Pain

  • Are you continuously experiencing bouts of back pain?
  • Do you have to take time off work to recover each time or manage to struggle on?
  • Are you seeing a physiotherapist or osteopath, getting better, but then the pain returns?

Then you may be missing an essential step to your recovery.

Back pain is multi-causal and tension can slowly build up until it causes us pain.

If you have been seeing a physiotherapist, they will be treating the symptoms and have given you exercises to ease the tension and build up your muscles correctly to help prevent the tension just building up again.

However, have you thought of checking your posture at work?

If not this may be a hidden contributor and stopping you from a full recovery.  Especially if you are a sloucher! If you slouch, you will be putting pressure on your discs and muscles and is often the cause of slipped or bulging discs.   Bad posture can also contribute to neck and shoulder pain, RSI, lower and upper back pain and sciatica.

There are some really simple but key adjustments you can make that will make a huge difference to your posture.   It is all about breaking our bad habits and changing the set up to encourage good ones.

After all, you have probably been sitting the same way for years, so there are some great tricks to make sitting upright second nature.

And it doesn’t need to cost anything, it may just be a case of knowing what to change and how, with your existing equipment.

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