Increase Productivity By Improving Wellbeing In The Workplace

Looking after employees wellbeing in the office will increase productivity in the office

Wellbeing is a hot topic at the moment and indeed BCO have recently produced their ‘Defining and Measuring Productivity in Offices’ report, which I attended the launch of.  With the UK’s productivity levels greatly reduced at the moment, there is a clear need to address this.

There are several key factors that have been identified that enhance wellness and productivity:

  • As much natural light as possible
  • Reliable, consistant heating levels
  • Agile working layout
  • Good Wifi
  • Good oxygen levels – especially at desk level
  • Ergonomic furniture and desk layout
  • A healthy supportive culture

Addressing each of these issues will reduce migraines, stress levels, back pain, increase energy levels and as well as collaboration and team cohesion.   Much of this is now measurable with some fantastic new devices available on the market and addressing all of the above issues will support a healthy, productive workforce, reducing sick leave and increasing productivity.  As ergonomist and human factor experts working with environmental experts, we are perfectly placed to help you improve your office environment with a clear ROI.

For more information on a step by step approach to addressing these issues, contact us at [email protected]