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Migraine Tips

Migraine Tips Having recently seen clients with extreme migraines, I wanted to include some tips for reducing the number and intensity of migraine occurances. Bad posture can contribute towards Migraines as well as back pain.   Other triggers includes neck or shoulder tension, low blood sugar, irregular meals, dehydration, caffeine, chocolate, cheese, bright lights, flickering […]

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Health & Safety for Homeworkers

Does Sitting Kill?

Hardly a day goes by when an attention seeking headline such as ‘Sitting kills’ is not mentioned. However, whilst it may indeed be true that too much sitting is bad for us, we need to look at how we can incorporate this into our daily work lives sensibly. Standing has cardiovascular and other health benefits, […]

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Back Pain Tips

Back Pain Tips We are passionate about helping to reduce and prevent back pain, so we will be regularly updating this page with new tips. Back Pain – How to Ensure a Rapid Recovery When we experience back pain, our first port of call is to seek help from our doctor, physiotherapist of osteopath.  A […]

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