Protect Your Child’s Spine For Life


With so much time of our children’s life now being sedentary – in the classroom and then at home doing their homework or playing on their devices, it is vital to protect their spine and keep it in a healthy position when sitting, not only whilst they grow, but teaching them to sit correctly when they are grown-ups.

Protect your child’s spine for life

So what do you do when your child grows out of a high chair but standard chairs are still too big for them? The Corrigo support cushions for chairs adapts a standard chair so that your child can sit properly and comfortably at the dining table with you. The cushion not only provides ergonomic support, keeping their spine healthy, it also shortens the seat so they don’t have to cross their legs. They can enjoy feeling grown up with you and the extra comfort will stop their fidgeting! They can continue to use it through to adulthood and put it on to their own desk chair for all that homework too You can also use it too!

This will stop slouching at any age!

  • Suitable for life, fits toddlers, children, teenagers and adults too – one size fits all
  • Keeps the spine in a healthy posture, protecting their back as they grow.
  • Extra comfort will reduce the need to fidget
  • Fits any chair so you can use it wherever you go and wherever you are in the home
  • Creates feeling of independence and being ‘one of the grown-ups’