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The Advantages Of A Corrigo Chair Versus A Kneeling Chair

I am frequently asked for advice regarding the Kneeling chair and how the Corrigo Design Chairs compare.  Why are they better?

The kneeling chair is indeed good for the back through the downward tilting seat opening up the angle of the hips and encouraging an upright healthy S shape for the spine.

However, it then keeps you in a static, fixed position, with pressure on your knees, and offers no support for the arms.   In addition, not everyone suits a downward tilted posture, it all comes down to the individuals biomechanics.  I see this everyday, when people either love or hate a downward sloping seat!  It is the marmite option.

The Corrigo Libero chair, however, incorporates a seat that can be adjusted from a downward tilt to a horizontal position, depending on your own body’s requirements.  In addition, it includes:

  1. A free floating option, so you can keep moving.
  2. An adjustable seat height so you can keep your hips above your knees, with your feet flat on the floor.  The knees can be relaxed, and even better, stretched out in front of you to avoid over stretching the muscles, keeping your knees strong and flexible
  3. An adjustable backrest angle that adapts to your own perfect sitting position and can be fixed in place, or indeed free moving.
  4. Adjustable depth of seat to fit the full length of your thighs, no matter your height
  5. Integrated lumbar support to keep your lower back curve supported, adjustable in height and depth
  6. Armrests to support your arms by your side, level with the desk, reducing tension build up in your upper back, neck and shoulders.

So try the Corrigo Libero instead!  Available on a free 14 day trial with a free expert fitting, contact us today to find out the best size for you, at [email protected] or call 0203 475 4510.