What Are You Doing To Resolve Your Back Pain?

What are you doing to resolve your back pain?

So many of our clients report that they have been struggling to resolve their back pain and have been suffering for many years before they find us.  As back pain is multi causal it takes a multi faceted approach to resolve it and the cause can be complex.   So our questions to them are always the same:

1. Have they sought advice from their doctor

2. Have they been seeing a back specialist such as a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor

3.  Are they doing stretching exercises, if possible, such as pilates or yoga, or as prescribed by their specialist If yes to the above, has the treatment made a difference? This can take a while, depending on the issue but if it isn’t having an impact, it may be a change of specialist is required, or that they haven’t:
a. Kept up with the exercises recommended
b. Checked their workstation set up if they sit for more than a few hours at a computer.

If they haven’t checked their workstation and chair set up, then they may well be undoing all the good work of their treatment as soon as they sit back at their desk.

Once you have a sensitive back, it is essential to ensure that you are sitting correctly so that your back can start to heal, particularly with long term back conditions such as arthritis and scoliosis, and also post surgery. It is therefore important to address your posture (sitting as well as standing) as much as exercise, stretches and massage. Checking your nutrition and hydration levels is also key.

The absolute key area of support needed for good sitting posture is lumbar/lower back support – at the right height and depth, so you can sit supported in an upright, healthy S shape – never slouch forward and always check your screen height is correct, that it isn’t encouraging you to slouch downwards.

If you need more support, check out our back support cushions as well as our ergonomic chairs and chairs for scoliosis.