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Why Are Individual Workstation Assessments So Important?

Time and time again, I will visit a client struggling with back pain only to find that their workstation set up is all wrong.

Even when they have all the correct equipment, such as sit stand desks, screen raisers and a good ergonomic chair, they are still struggling with back pain.

I had the pleasure, recently,of visiting a new tech company.  Everyone had been provided with all the recommended ergonomic equipment and the company was committed to looking after their wellbeing.  However, employees were still struggling with a variety of back conditions, from long term historical issues, to new postural related back pain, including slipped discs, sciatica and early stage RSI.   Despite having all the best ergonomic products, they had never been advised on how to use these correctly.  I therefore found the following major issues:

  • Sit stand desks being used at the wrong heights
  • Incorrect varying of work between sitting and standing positions
  • Screen heights set too low or too high
  • Dual screen usage positioning incorrect
  • Lumbar supports provided on the chairs were not adjusted to the correct height
  • Armrests not being used correctly

Many employees had been struggling silently, unaware that a few simple but essential changes could make a significant difference to their pain and back tension levels.

So it was extremely rewarding to be able to improve their lives through providing one to one workstation consultations, where we could adapt the workstation around their own specific requirements and provide them with the ergonomic education that will help them manage their own set up effectively in the long term. In addition, everyone was advised on other long term measures they could be taking to improve their back health and their own personal wellbeing.

So if you are struggling with a back issue, contact us to find out how we can help you today.  Our consultants are expert in addressing both simple and complex back pain.  For the same cost as a physiotherapist, you will receive ergonomic advise that will help you recover more quickly, enhancing your other rehabilitation work, and stop the cycle of back pain.

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