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Why Ergonomics Is An Essential Part Of Any Wellbeing Program

So many still aren’t aware of the more powerful benefits of providing their employees with ergonomic support.   It is one of the most beneficial elements of a wellbeing program.   It not only fulfils your duty to comply with the HSE DSE ACT of providing ergonomic DSE support for all office AND now home workers, but demonstrates to your staff that you care.

An ergonomic program is key to wellbeing for the following reasons:

  1. We are seeing an explosion of musculoskeletal issues (MSK’s) in employees, from a combination of stress, longer hours and unsuitable home working set ups
  2. Worried about their jobs and away from their colleagues, employees are worried about rocking the boat and reporting their discomfort.  Or they are unaware that ergonomic advise can help stop the vicious cycle of pain.  Therefore it can’t be assumed that your staff aren’t struggling.
  3. Back pain and stress are interlinked.  The multidisciplinary nature of ergonomics, with training in biomechanics and psychology, can address both issues.
  4. Ergonomics is a holistic discipline.   We will dig deep into underlying issues and address them at their core, encouraging proactive behaviour through an educational approach, bringing long term change.  It is often the missing piece in the puzzle for chronic back pain sufferers.
  5. We look not only at individual work set ups, but behaviour within the whole environment, to promote a more agile way of working.
  6. We combine scientific knowledge with practical solutions that meet any budget and are highly effective.   It needn’t be expensive and will provide you, on average, with a 3 to 1 ROI.
  7. By addressing the issue at the core, and recommending long term strategies for back health, we avoid a sticky plaster approach.  Yoga and pilates, nutrition and physio can then be prescribed on top of this, if an individual needs further guidance.
  8. Ergonomics isn’t just about recommending new equipment. Our aim is to resolve issues through education and encouraging proactive behaviour where possible and is often all that is needed.

So here at Corrigo, our expert ergonomists are also able to support you with an ergonomic program, to offer a variety of ways to do this, according to budget.   From an online tool (to quickly provide education and training for all) to one to ones (for those at high risk) and in house training.  We provide advise for individuals as well as design and equipment advise for the office.   If you are interested in finding out more, just email us for more information: [email protected]