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Office and Home Workstation Assessments

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Corrigo provide everything from simple postural advice to the resolution of complex, chronic cases for both home and office workers. 
The HSE 1992 Act requires WSA’s (work station assessments) to be done for remote workers, all new employees, for any reported issues or change in an employees health, and whenever there has been a move in the workstation. We meet and exceed these guidelines.

Where required we source cost-effective, innovative tailor-made solutions available within the marketplace to quickly and efficiently resolve any ongoing issues. We offer the following options:

  • Initial free telephone consultation to discuss your requirements
  • Home and office visits for individual assessments, from a quick workstation assessment to an advanced clinical assessment for those with any change in medical circumstances, such as pregnancy or a diagnosed back condition
  • Workshops and group sessions

Our assessments include bespoke diagnostic tools to quickly find and address any risk factors. Contact us to arrange your telephone consultation today:

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Active Working

Active Working - ImageActive working has been shown to have many health and productivity benefits. We can advise you on the latest health and well-being industry recommendations as well as governmental guidelines.

Corrigo is able to provide exceptional levels of advice and support, maximising your ROI, talent attraction, employee retention and overall health and well-being, to ensure you are the leader in your industry in terms of looking after your employees.

We can advise on how to incorporate active working in accordance with your own budget and facilities. This includes sourcing of sit/stand solutions and alternative cost-effective solutions.

Health and Well-being Advice

Health and Well-being Advice - ImageCorrigo provides additional expert advice on maximising the health and well-being of your employees according to your specific requirements and budget, assessing any key additions that would provide you with the optimum level of benefit.

Find out more and contact us today to discuss what issues you are trying to resolve at:

Back Pain, Health and Well-being

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  • Are you struggling with back pain?
  • Do you have chronic pain or do you have a regular reoccurrence of back issues?
  • Do you find whenever you go on holiday the pain goes, only to return as soon as you sit back at work?
  • Do you know why you find one office chair more comfortable than another?

Then it is essential you check that your workstation set up and chair isn’t adding to your problem.

As a previous sufferer of back pain and with a Masters in Health Ergonomics, founder, Nichola Adams knows all about postural back pain. Unfortunately, it is usually only when you start to experience problems in your workplace or home that the importance of an in-depth understanding of the contributing risk factors, and how to address these, is fully appreciated, to properly get to the root of the problem.

For the home as well as the office, a Corrigo consultation will analyse in detail as to the cause of any issue and will change the way you sit for good. Whether you suffer from general postural pain or a chronic condition such as arthritis, sciatica, or a slipped or bulging disc, we are here to help. Corrigo only uses expert ergonomists who are trained in biomechanics, anthropometrics and psychophysiological factors to identify all risk factors.

Back pain is multi-causal in its nature, with posture, stress, nutrition and exercise all having an impact on the person’s overall well-being and therefore level of risk of back pain. We check you are doing everything you can to maximise your recovery and educate you as to why that slouch puts pressure on your spine. Knowing the subtle physical and psychological causes that increase your chances of slouching is essential.

So ensuring you have your workstation and chair set up correctly for you is often the missing piece of the puzzle and often simple changes are highly effective in reducing any tension and pain build up whilst you are working at your desk. Not only will we check these and other key factors for you, but also assess any other contributing risk factors in your lifestyle to stop the cycle of pain for good.

It is far more cost-effective to be proactive than reactive, so at Corrigo we help you to do both, addressing any on-going issues and then helping you to put measures in place to reduce these in the future, through education, change and signposting on.