The Rituwell

We are delighted to announce a new member of the Corrigo Design Chair family, the RITUWELL.

Disguised as a standard looking chair, it is anything but!

Incorporating the expert level of ergonomic design that the Libero and Diffusion have, the new RITUWELL is the perfect solution for offices that are looking for an orthopaedic solution that fits in with the standard look.


Improve posture and reduce back pain.  The Rituwell is suitable for those who need to improve their posture, to reduce those recurring back issues and protect their back for the future.  It includes, as standard, a height and depth adjustable lumbar support, to keep your back in a healthy upright, supported position, adjustable height, depth and width armrests to support your arms in the right place and relieve shoulder and neck tension, backrest recline and seat depth adjustment

Rituwell Star

The Rituwell Star is our specialist back care chair model. It offers bespoke support to improve posture and keep you in an upright position with additional adjustability options.  Including all the features of the above, the backrest can be finely tuned to your exact sitting angle from a forward to backward incline and the armrests can be adjusted in width so they support your arms by your side.  The Rituwell’s high level of adjustability means that it can prevent and reduce general postural pain, as well sciatica, RSI, frozen shoulder, slipped, degenerative or bulging discs, neck pain, knee and hip pain, fibromyalgia, spondylosis, hyper mobility syndrome and is recommended for post back surgery use.  The beauty of the Rituwell Start is that you can adapt the chair around your changing postural needs when you are recovering from injury.

Both Models are available with an optional headrest and a wide variety of bespoke adaptations, including coccyx cut outs, pressure relieving seats, and extra tall or extra small options.

FOR FREE EXPERT ADVICE on which model will suit you best, contact us on 0203 475 4510 or email   You can also visit our showroom via appointment.