Standard Size Chair for Back Pain

Standard Sized Chair

Pain Description:  General to chronic postural back pain, unable to find a chair that is the right size for you.

Aim:  To prevent and reduce back pain by supporting the body in an upright, healthy S shape.  Our size 2 is specifically designed for average height users, with an adjustable length seat, adjustable height armrests and a backrest that adjusts to your own lumbar height.

Recommended Chair Model:  Size 2 Libero, Rituwell or Diffusion.   Suitable for those under 5ft 10/178cms and a medium clothing size or above.

Benefits:  A chair that is has the right length seat for you, supporting the full length of your thighs, and a backrest that can be adjusted in height to cradle your back in all the right places, maximising relief from pain and tension build-up.

Shop now by clicking on the Diffusion, Rituwell or Libero model above and then choose the SIZE 2 option.