Kam Sowman BPthy,MSCP physiotherapist, West London Physio

‘We have done a lot of research into office chairs as we wanted to find a chair that ticked all the boxes in terms of lumbar, thoracic, and scapular support and we have found the Corrigo does this.  It is the only chair I would feel comfortable recommending to a patient who has suffered any lower back disc problems, severe cervical nerve root problems or any postural problems that our patients may present with. Not only is it great for these patients it is a great chair for preventing these problems in healthy people due to its setup and unique back support.’

Angela Yates,Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

‘In my experience, Corrigo is the best chair that I have found on the market and offers great value for money.It supports the lumbar spine fully and therefore helps to maintain a good upright posture.  I would recommend it for people who have:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • to prevent poor posture
  • to prevent postural related problems

Roger Radford, British journalist and author

‘Being an RSI sufferer, I have needed to try out different types of office chairs.  I should like to bring to your attentionon in particular that I have found to be eminently suitable.   It is a unique design, and is the only chair that I have found that maintains the line of the spine in order to promote the best posture. It is axiomatic to say that posture is the most important facet of RSI prevention.  The chair in question is the Corrigo ergonomic chair.’

Emily Craig

Emily Craig’s physiotherapist noticed that her visits increased in frequency towards the end of the academic term, when she was spending long hours in front of a computer screen:  ‘Her upper thoracic area, lower spine and ‘glutes’ were screaming by the end of a long week’.

1 hour targeted exercise each day helped, but a chance remark by the physiotherapist, asking when she had last had a workstation assessment done, led her to try the Libero.  Her new chair helps her to sit in a more upright position, the arms are easy to adjust, and it fits tightly around her body. Emily Craig says ‘No longer do my arms sit in mid-air for most of the day.  The adjustment in the chair for the lower spinal area is wonderful.  It is just so supportive.

The aches in my shoulders and thoracic are significantly reduced’.

Peter Norcott, Manager

‘Having had issues with my back, neck and shoulders, I can confidently say that these chairs are a better design than any I have tried and used over the last 15 +years:

The support feels great.   They are so comfortable.

The armrests are adjustable to what we need in terms of moving our pc mouse to the left or to the right, the arm support simply rotates in the direction you go to ensure the support is always there.’

Julian Langham– Producer/Cameraman

‘One of the benefits of going freelance after leaving the BBC was being able to choose my own chair! The Corrigo felt right as soon as I sat in it.  For me the two things that stood out were the well cushioned seat which offers the right level of positive support and the unique backrest which fits snugly against your spine.  The compact shape of the chair allows your body to move freely whilst being correctly supported. Having experienced the discomfort of poorly designed chairs,  I can highly recommend the fully adjustable Corrigo’

 Ken Chance-Larson– Physiotherapist

‘It’s a great chair. Both my wife and I are physiotherapists and we both like the versatility of the chair.  The main difference from other chairs seems to be the ability to place the scapula in a neutral rather than a protracted position.’

EmelineWinston– Museums and Exhibitions Management

‘Since I have had the Corrigo chair,  I have found that I have been able to work at the desk all day and have no back or neck ache at the end of the day.  It has been a liberation.  The chair has clearly been designed with a deep knowledge and understanding about the body, posture and ergonomics.

 GregRyan – Physiotherapist, HFS Clinics, Harley Street

‘An excellent chair,  innovative design, user friendly and good value.’

Anita De,  Managing Director

‘Finally a chair that lets me sit close enough to the desk, keep my posture straight, with shoulders back and lets me type in a comfortable way. No more RSI, I can’t recommend it more highly enough!’

Christopher Agace, Founder

‘I was very excited to buy my first Corrigo chair in vintage red leather and looked forward to many comfortable days ahead.  It turned out, however, that our newly recruited designer had a long-term back problem– he felt confident that his productivity could be improved if only he had a proper chair and so the Corrigo became his and a replacement was required for me. But now our accountant thought she should have a Corrigo and then another employee wanted one at home…one day I’ll get my Corrigo back but until then I know that I have some very productive employees,  happy & well-cosseted by their designer chairs in beautiful vintage red leather.’

Melissa Mussak, Marketing Executive, Basekit

I’m getting on really well with my chair.  It’s perfect for my size and is definitely helping improve my back problem. Its shorter armrests allow me to get closer to the desk, which is pretty good for typing.  The narrower backrest encourages me to sit up straight, which is great!